PBR’s All New Hard Peach Tea, Just In Time For Summer


By Cooking Panda

Imaging working outside on a hot summer day and being able to go to your fridge and get a perfect hard ice tea. You take a nice big drink and you can feel the coolness go down your throat all the way to your stomach. We are geared up to crown PBR’s hard peach tea the king of summer season drinks!

When was the last time you had a truly perfect hard ice tea? One that was not so sweet it made you sick and actually tasted like tea, without that odd flavor most canned teas end up with. And, the most important part, having enough alcohol to even be allowed to be called a hard iced tea. 

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Well, this new tea by Pabst Blue Ribbon peach tea has recently come out with a hard ice tea that meets the criteria. Their new hard peach tea has just the right amount of sweet and has a 4% ABV. The calories aren’t crazy either, at only 100 calories you don’t even have to feel guilty for indulging in this perfect pbr hard iced tea.

About 60 people have tried and reviewed this new iced tea on Untappd, a beer social media site (yes, they exist). So far it has a 3.18/5 star rating. And it’s not even summer yet. I don’t know about you, but hard teas always taste better in the hot summer months than in cold winter to me. I bet this pbr hard peach tea’s rating will only go up.

It’s so new it isn’t even available everywhere yet. But keep your eyes peeled for this amazing hard iced tea.

Image source: Oak Beverages Inc.

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