Papa John’s and Dole Create The Super Hawaiian Pizza


By Cooking Panda

Hawaiian pizza – yay or nay? It’s been debated about by many, but as it turns out, votes from a 2018 survey conducted by Papa John’s says it’s an even split of those who love pineapple chunks on their pizza and those who hate it. With that being said, are you a Hawaiian pizza lover or hater? 

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Hawaiian pizza. It’s something about the blend of savory and sweet that makes it taste so darn good. Papa John’s agrees, and they just announced a partnership with pineapple giant, Dole, to create their Super Hawaiian Pizza.

So what’s on the pizza, you ask? It’s Dole’s pineapple tidbits added on top of Papa John’s Super Hawaiian pizza, which has toppings such as Canadian bacon, hickory-smoked bacon, a three-cheese blend, and of course, Papa John’s signature sauce on their signature original fresh, never-frozen, six-ingredient dough. So if you’re not a fan, who knows, maybe give this Super Hawaiian pizza another chance because after all your taste buds do change every once in a while. Plus, with Dole, you’ll know the pineapples are the best of the best. Available now!

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