Oreo Unveils Carrot Cake Cookies Filled With Cream Cheese Frosting Creme


By Cooking Panda

Spring has sprung and with that comes a delight everyone loves, especially around Easter time: the ever tasty carrot cake. Whether you crave it all year long or after a lent of giving up sweets, it’s hard not to love a classic we all grew up enjoying. Getting to indulge in this traditional cake comes the process of pre-heating the oven, getting a pan ready, and hardest of all, the wait. 

REVIEW: Nabisco Carrot Cake Oreos - Junk Banter

Nabisco has essentially taken away this process for when you just aren’t feeling getting into the kitchen, for too long anyways, with their Carrot Cake-flavored Oreo’s! While introduced in January 2019, these cookies can now be found year-round for that craving when it hits. 

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Consumers speculate they taste just like the classic fan-favorite with a golden colored cookie and crème inside, similar to your standard Oreo but oh so different. The cookie itself mimics the flavor of the cake and the inside is a cream cheese frosting flavor crème, as described on Nabisco’s famous blue packaging. Voila, the yearning has been satisfied. 

This flavor came about during one of Nabisco’s contests where contestants submitted what new flavor of Oreo they’d like to see released next entitled “My Oreo Creation”. The winner of that particular contest was none other than, you guessed it, carrot cake! Many large stores such as Walmart and Target carry this euphoric snack, but they can be found in a multitude of places. While you may need to stock up during its seasonal peak of Spring, you can be sure you’ll find them in the off season in the same spot. Why not treat yourself to this creative cookie today? 

Image source: Oreo + JunkBanter

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