Oreo Easter Egg Truffles


By Jenny Pham

If you love cake pops, then you would love these Oreo Easter Egg Truffles.

Easter Egg

These aren’t your standard chocolate dipped Oreos (which are to die for). Instead of sinking your teeth into the crunchy crumbly texture of America’s favorite cookie, you will be indulging in soft pillowy Oreo and cream cheese infused bites.

Oreos egg shaped

With only four simple ingredients, you can make these Oreo Easter Egg Truffles in just 30 minutes! Simply crush Oreos into fine pieces (a food processor may come in handy for this step), mix it with cream cheese, mold into egg-shaped balls, dip in chocolate, chill in the fridge, and voila!

Oreo Easter Egg Truffles

The fun comes in after the truffle pieces have been chilled. You can really use your creativity in decorating these bites. For this recipe, we’re dipping the oreo bites into dark chocolate but if you want more eye-catching truffles, dye white chocolate in a variety of pastel colors and dip the egg shaped cookie balls in it to achieve a set of bright colored Oreo Easter Egg Truffles.

RECIPE: https://www.gimmesomeoven.com/easter-egg-oreo-truffles/

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