Kit Kat’s New Apple Pie Flavor Hits US Stores in July


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While milk chocolate Kit Kats will always hold a special place in our heart, break us off a piece of that Apple Pie Kit Kat! The Hershey company just announced that the Apple Pie Kit Kat will hit U.S. shelves next month. And we cannot wait to add this treat to our list of candies we’ll be snacking on all summer long. Don’t worry, Russell Stover S’Mores, we haven’t forgotten about your delicious chocolatey self.

This latest Kit Kat consists of their classic crisp wafer with layers of apple pie-flavored white cremé. But according to, the new candy bar will only be around for a limited time at retailers nationwide. We can take a guess that they will be available where limited-edition flavors, like the Birthday Cake Kit Kat, are currently in stock (most major retailers). So, you better stock up on these summertime treats for your next picnic!


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According to Instagram account @junkfoodleaks_, who reviewed the Apple Pie Kit Kat last year, these treats are super cinnamony and have “some actual authentic apple flavor”. Imagine all the sweet dreams that can come true with this new Kit Kat. Should we break it over vanilla ice cream? Maybe dip it in whipped cream? Save them for Thanksgiving? We say yes to all the above.

But the apple pie flavor isn’t entirely new to the world. Japan’s licensed Nestlé “KitKat” already exists and launched a Halloween version last year. YouTube vlogger Chandler in Japan reviewed the purple-colored wafer and said it surprisingly tastes “almost exactly like apple pie,” with the crust and everything. People, we also need these in our lives ASAP.

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