New Frosted Flakes with Marshmallows Are Here and We Feel Grrreat About It!


By Cooking Panda

A big bowl of cereal can take us back to the Saturday mornings of our childhood. We all had our favorites and even now it can be hard to choose! Well, imagine that two of your favorites, Lucky Charms and Frosted Flakes, were made into one cereal! Mind blown. Well it isn’t quite a mashup of these two delicious cereals, but it’s definitely just about as close as it can get. 

Frosted Flakes has made the amazing decision to start adding marshmallows into their cereal and that is just the good news we all needed. The basic Frosted Flakes flavor isn’t changing – they will still be the same crunchy, sweetened corn flakes that you know and love. Now, you’ll just have some bonus marshmallows in your bowl as well, and no one has ever complained about that!

The marshmallows are super fun shapes that you could only expect Tony the Tiger to come up with! There is a Tony the Tiger silhouette marshmallow, plus  a paw print, a scarf, and a swirl! These are all in typical frosted flake colors: orange, red and blue!

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These haven’t hit the shelves quite yet, but you can expect to start seeing them by the end of the month in stores near you! One box will be about $3.99. We haven’t heard any news that the new marshmallow Frosted Flakes are available for a limited time only, so we’re pretty excited about the possibility of having them any time we’d like for the foreseeable future. Time will tell if the new and improved flakes are a hit, but we’re feeling grrreat about it!

Image source: Kellogs

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