New Decade, New Environment


By Cooking Panda

Whether you are becoming educated through Netflix documentaries or through the compelling wisdom of the young Greta Thunberg, it is inevitable that the environment not only deserves, but needs love.

With the year of 2020 marking a new decade, the vision of the future of our planet has never been more crystal clear.  We are going to dive into the impact of single-use products alongside reputable brands to bring this vision to life.  Start this year with giving Mother Nature the loving embrace she deserves.

Plastic Water Bottles

Well, this one is a given.  Single-use plastics have been completely normalized in our society, most of us not thinking twice about how this all adds up.  Here’s some perspective, states that humans purchase about 1,000,000 plastic bottles per minute.  Yes, you read that right – one million.  With only 23% being recycled.  Make a simple swap and make that number less by investing in a reusable water bottle.  There are a multitude of brands, styles and colors to suit your taste.  If you really want to be in on the trend, coat your bottle in fun stickers by repping your recent travels, local companies or things that bring a light to your day.

Plastic Bags

Reusable bags are not a new concept to society.  However, plastic bags are continuing to majorly impact our planet- just take a look at the marine wildlife. states 100 billion plastic bags are tossed into the garbage yearly, making that about 307 bags per human.  That is nearly one bag a day… yikes.

Swoop by your local grocery store and check out the reusable bags for sale near the checkout.  There’s a variety of styles, which allows you to select the one that represents your personal vibe.  Have fun, consider it as another fashionable accessory (or an environmentally-friendly man purse for the fellahs).

Wanting a bag that is a little swanky?  Or something that doesn’t make you a walking advertisement for your local grocery store?  Hop online and browse the variety of options that fit your needs.

The single-use plastic doesn’t start or stop at the checkout, keep in consideration of produce bags as well.  Break the habit by opting without them completely, or storing them in your own reusable produce bag variety.

Lastly, do you justify using plastic bags to pick up your pets, uh, little droppings.  I know I have but I am vowing to change this.  How?  Through reusable dog bags.  Check out noblo Poof’s reusable bags on Amazon.

Paper Towels

The handy dandy paper towels, a favorite amongst kitchen lovers and those with little kiddos.  Kudos to you for keeping your hands and kitchen clean, but let’s amp it up this year by using a more environmentally-friendly version.

According to, 51,000 trees are cut down daily to support the paper towel habit.  Keep the air clear by switching to a paper towel alternative, such as the Grove’s Collaborative European Dish Cloth.  Reviews rave that this soaks up better than the typical paper towel – a win for everyone.

Plastic Straws

The first thing that pops into mind is SAVE THE TURTLES.  This movement has hit society as a reusable straw sales boom to meet the demand.

Still, to this day, notes that half a million straws are being used daily.  Skip out on this and join the reusable straw fun.

Whether you want a slick metal straw or a bendy silicone straw, we are sure you can find a straw that meets your drinking needs.

Plastic To-Go Containers

Who doesn’t love leftovers, right?  Bringing home some goodies from your favorite restaurant is always a great feeling.  This leads to the question, what do you do when that food is devoured and that container is empty?

According to, food and packaging makeup nearly 45% of United States’ landfills.   Tips of advice for mindful restaurant dining:

  • To be mindful while ordering, your eyes can oftentimes be larger than your stomach.
  • If dining with someone, opt for splitting a meal. Portion sizes are typically twice the recommended portion size, making it easy to split while also keeping your belly full.
  • Bring your own to-go container.
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