Nearly 2.3 Million Pounds of Baseball Peanuts Are Stuck in Storage Right Now


By Cooking Panda

Oh, nuts. Most of the 2.3 million pounds of ballpark peanuts previously packed for the 2020 Major League Baseball season continue to sit in refrigerated storage,  The New York Times reported. The peanut industry is still scratching their head on what to do with all those shelled stadium staples.

According to a recent MLB tweet, the 2020 baseball season will start July 23 or July 24. But MLB doesn’t expect fans to be at games anytime soon (at least at the time of this story). Even though the MLB will still have games in the fall (despite strict conditions), COVID-19 restrictions and the possibility of a second coronavirus wave will keep fans at home. No more fans in the stands.

Farmers have already harvested and roasted the peanuts—which are “expensive to grow and delicate to harvest,” according to The Times. But teams canceled their peanut concession orders during the onset of coronavirus. 


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“We are basically left holding the peanuts,” Tom Nolan, the vice president of sales and marketing for Hampton Farms, told The Times. Hampton Farms, based in North Carolina, roasts and packages most of these ballpark stadium peanuts handed out to fans.

So, can these peanuts be turned into peanut butter? Not quite. Processing plants aren’t able to even keep up with the current demand, which has skyrocketed during quarantine, according to “They can’t do it fast enough to meet the unprecedented demand from families who are desperate to keep their pantries stocked during the COVID-19 pandemic,” reported.

Hopefully, grocery shoppers will buy some peanuts and Cracker Jack, because who knows the next time we’ll ever get back (to the stadium)!

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