Mountain Dew Launching New Gingerbread Flavor For The Holidays


By Cooking Panda

Okay – who’s excited to try this magical Gingerbread-flavored Mountain Dew? The new Mountain Dew Snap’d initially started circulating on Reddit almost a month ago now, and users have been anxiously awaiting the launch (as are we)! 

What does everyone think about the combination of Gingerbread and Mountain Dew? Personally, I’ve got mixed feelings on this one…  But on another note, how cute is this packaging?! Seriously, the packaging alone makes me want to give it a try.

Mountain Dew Launching New Gingerbread Flavor For The Holidays

But don’t get too excited, Mountain Dew Snap’d isn’t releasing until December 2021 in 20-ounce bottles and 12-pack cans. They’ve definitely started the hype though – I know I can’t wait for next December already to try this!

While we won’t be able to taste this merry Mountain Dew Snap’d Gingerbread flavor, we can discuss whether this will be a hit or miss with consumers. I mean – this is definitely not your typical flavor. Gingerbread on its own is great, but mixed with Mountain Dew soda? Hmmm – I guess only time will tell. What do you guys think?

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