McDonald’s Is Bringing Hi-C Lavaburst Back After 4 Year Hiatus


By Brittany Won

By Yasmine Cardenas



You can now breathe a sigh of relief because McDonald’s announced that it will be bringing back the Hi-C Lavaburst to its store’s soda fountains after four long years.


McDonald’s was prompted to bring back the popular refreshing beverage due to multiple requests from customers on social media and a petition on created by angry fans after the drink’s removal. 



McDonald’s stated in a press release, “To those who have passionately asked for us to bring it back over the years, we’re excited to say we “C” you.”


You can expect to see Hi-C Lavaburst make its way to a McDonald’s soda fountain near you as early as this month. 


If the anticipation is killing you, you can even check out the McDonald’s Hi-C tracker website to find out when the drink will make its way to a store location near you. Hi-C is expected to be available at all stores nationwide by June. 


We don’t know why it ever went away but we’re glad it’s back. Grab yourself a meal and wash it down with a refreshing cup of Hi-C Lavaburst. Happy sipping!


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