McDonald’s Green Spring Starts Today


By Brittany Won




Last year McDonald’s Shamrock Shake turned 50! And the fast food chain celebrated by releasing the Oreo Shamrock McFlurry seasonally along with the shake. 


It did so well that this year it’s back by popular demand. You can expect to find the minty treat at participating locations nationwide starting February 15th! 


The St.Patrick’s day treat is a light green vanilla soft-serve drink, with Shamrock Shake syrup and whipped cream. The McFlurry version is slightly thicker and has oreo pieces both blended inside and topping the dessert.


The Shamrock Shake has been a McDonald’s seasonal staple since 1967 when Hal Rosen, a McDonald’s owner in Connecticut first created it. It debuted officially in 1970 and went nationwide in 2012. 

The shake might pair perfectly with the spicy chicken nuggets that were brought back earlier this month. The nuggets are the first flavored nugget ever made by McDonald’s USA and were brought back after a successful launch last September.


Get the nuggets while they’re hot and shakes while they’re not! 

Remember both items will only be available for a limited time.

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