Mamma Chia


By Cooking Panda

Protein Seekers! Check out the Milk Made from Chia seeds by Mamma Chia

“Best Vegan Protein Sources” are words that most of us have searched online at some point when eating pounds and pounds of chicken doesn’t seem to be a viable option. Well, the famous beverage brand Mamma Chia might have some good news for you. The beginning of March marks a debut of the new line of chia-based vegan Milk by Mamma Chia. The vegan Milk will be available at Sprouts Farmers Market along with other natural grocery retailers, followed by wider distribution throughout 2020.

Available in 28-ounce containers, the Unsweetened Vanilla and Unsweetened original flavors will surely satisfy both your taste buds.

Chia inherently has high protein content, but thinking that is not the only thing you’ll get with the vegan Milk. It also contains fatty acids omega-3 and medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). If you compare it with traditional dairy milk, one glass of chia-based Milk will deliver more calcium. Moreover, it has zero grams of sugar, clearly taking care of all the downsides of a traditional glass of Milk.

To close, let’s see what the founder and CEO of Mamma Chia, Janie Hoffman has to say about this “For over ten years, Mamma Chia has been creating delicious, nutrient-rich beverages and snacks powered by the Magic of Chia. We are delighted to share more of that magic with our light and creamy plant-based Chiamilk that makes it easy to enjoy more of the nourishing benefits of chia as part of your daily routine, More than ever, consumers today are craving plant-based food and beverage choices, so we lovingly crafted this recipe to give consumers a non-dairy milk option with exceptional nutrition and a taste that outperforms other alternative milks in the market.”

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