Limited Edition Canada Dry Holiday Flavor Variety Packs Now Available


By Cooking Panda

Canada Dry is a delicious staple in a lot of households. Ginger ale wears many hats: it eases stomach aches, works great as a mixer for yummy cocktails or mocktails, or tastes great on it’s own, and Canada Dry has dominated the ginger ale market for years with their consistent high quality that a lot of us have grown up with. 

Naturally, we’re pretty excited to see this limited edition variety pack hitting the shelves of wholesale chain Sam’s Club. Featuring the OG flavor we know and love along with two holiday favorites, we’re already thinking of the awesome drink recipes we could use the Blackberry and Cranberry flavors for. You can find them individually in stores year-round, but the variety pack is only around for a little while, and sure makes shopping for your holiday get-togethers a whole lot easier. As a bonus, if you didn’t know, Canada Dry is also caffeine-free and only 140 calories, so it can be enjoyed any time.

We did some digging, and it looks like you should be able to find these at BJ’s, too!

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