Key Lime Icebox Cake


By Jenny Pham

Icebox cake is traditionally made up of cookies and cream layers but not this time around. This famous no-bake dessert is ditching it’s chocolate craving to fully embrace spring flavors like key lime.

Icebox cakes are made by layering heavy whipping cream and wafers/crackers. Once these layers are built, they are sent to the fridge where the magic happens. As the layers set, the flavors come together, the wafers/crackers soak up the moisture of the heavy whipping cream yielding a creamy, cake-y pudding.

no-bake dessert

For this Key Lime Icebox Cake, we’re pairing Ritz Crackers with heavy whipping cream and zesty lime. This goes to show how versatile Icebox cakes can be by incorporating any crackers/cookies/wafers of your choice. It could be layers of stale cookies or graham crackers, they will all soak up the moisture of the heavy whipping cream to make a divine treat!




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