Kellogg’s Unveils Its Latest Apple Jacks Caramel Cereal Flavor, It’s Like A Carnival In Out Mouth


By Cooking Panda

It looks like fall is coming a bit earlier than expected this year with Kellogg’s newest flavor release: Apple Jacks Caramel Cereal!

The original Apple Jacks cereal is made up of crunchy green and orange rings, with a hint of apple and cinnamon flavoring. But the new Apple Jacks Caramel is going to give the original line a twist to not only how the loops will look but how they are going to taste. The new loops will now be red and orange with sweet apple and caramel flavoring. Making one think… Am I eating a caramel apple?!

Now you are wondering when you will start seeing boxes of these caramel goodness; Kellogg’s is saying June 2020 and it will be rolled out nationally (not just regionally).

This is super exciting news, because we hardly see many new products come out of the Apple Jacks Brand.

Source: Kellogg’s

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