Birthday Cake, Unicorn and Mermaid Waffles Released by Kellogg’s


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There are few things better than waffles piled high with amazing toppings and plenty of whipped cream. Now, with Kellogg’s release of three new frozen waffle flavors, you can have all the joy of wild waffle toppings baked right into your waffle already. Two of the new flavors are inspired by whimsical creatures and have flavors and colors to match: the Unicorn Waffles are hot pink and taste like cotton candy, and the Mermaid Waffles are bright teal and flavored with blue raspberry. Both flavors sound like a dream come true for every little kid walking down the frozen foods aisle and every adult who wants to reconnect with their inner child.

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Here’s all 3 of NEW Kelloggs frozen waffles. Funny they aren’t Eggos🧐 I guess that means anyone can grab your waffle and not let go. Anyway, the 3 flavors are Birthday Cake (yellow cake with rainbow sprinkles), Mermaid (Blue Raspberry) and Unicorn (cotton candy). I’m sure I’ll try all 3 but the cotton candy flavor sounds the most exciting. I think what we need next is flavored syrups like Unicorn Syrup. Wondering how maple and cotton candy will work together. These are already being found in @safeway and @albertsons and looks like they will be in @walmart very soon. They say we are gaining weight during this pandemic- wonder why? Thanks @markie_devo for the original post and info! #kelloggs #kelloggswaffles #waffles #kelloggsbirthdaycakewaffles #kelloggsmermaidwaffles #kelloggsunicornwaffles #mermaids #unicorns #cottoncandywaffles #cottoncandy #blueraspberry #dontletgoofmekelloggswaffle #breakfast #junkfood

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Kellogg’s third new flavor is not as brightly colored as the first two but it is just as fun: Birthday Cake! The Birthday Cake Waffles live up their name in every way. Instead of a typical waffle batter base, the waffles are actually made from yellow cake mix, and have rainbow sprinkles mixed right in. If you want every day to feel like your birthday, then starting breakfast with the Birthday Cake Waffles seems like a great place to start. Candles and frosting are optional. 

The waffles have been spotted already in stores and are available for purchase through online retailers. Kellogg’s Unicorn, Mermaid, and Birthday Cake waffles sound delicious and can almost be guaranteed to make for a fun and playful breakfast, whether or not you remembered to buy more whipped cream to put on top.

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