Jack Daniel’s Southern Peach Beverage Is Such a Refreshing Summertime Sip


By Cooking Panda

Jack Daniel’s Southern Peach Beverage Is Such a Refreshing Summertime Sip


It’s never too late or early to prepare for summer. We all know how it is very hot in summer and every single activity seems exhausting – a job as little as load lifting could cause droplets of sweat sweeping through your body. The body craves for a cool bath and a refreshing drink after a day’s job and there is nothing as frustrating as taking a sip of a bad drink.

Jack Daniel’s Southern Peach Beverage is a refreshing summertime sip and the perfect rewarding drink after a summer day – it’s hard to believe it was slept on for almost three years. Jack Daniel’s may be popular for its Tennessee whiskey but this naturally peached flavored drink is perfect for a summertime sip.

The drink is available in all liquor stores across the United States and Canada. Grab the 6 pack 10-ounce bottles with 4.8% of alcohol at the nearest liquor store and stock up your fridge for summer. The Jack Daniel’s Southern malt beverage already comes in a variety of flavors which include: Black Jack Cola, Lynchburg Lemonade, Southern Citrus, Berry Punch, Cherry Limeade, Downhome Punch, and Watermelon Punch. These flavors all have their unique tastes and it will be difficult to pick a favorite flavor – or you could save yourself time reciting eeny, meeny, miny, moe and just buy a pack of all the amazing flavors!

Having at least one Jack Daniel’s Southern Peach Beverage on a summer day is as important as wearing sunscreen in summer.

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