If You Ain’t Eatin’ then You Ain’t Cheatin’


By Alison Wickmann

“If you ain’t eatin’ then you ain’t cheatin’,” a bold statement by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  Outside of throwing people around in the ring and producing box office hits, he is known for his infamous cheat day meals posted on his social media. These are not stereotypical cheat meals, his meals leave millions of his followers gawking at the enormous portion sizes (which in all honesty, makes sense considering his stature).  Let’s take a gander at his finest work and use this as inspiration for future cheat days.

Pasta and bagels

If You Ain’t Eatin’ then You Ain’t Cheatin’

This… is carbohydrate heaven.  Pretty sure we have all experienced lucid dreams of this glorious combination.


Pancakes smothered in peanut butter and syrup… with a couple pints of ice cream

Not sure why we never thought of this ourselves.  Carbs, creamy, sticky and sugar – yes, please.

If You Ain’t Eatin’ then You Ain’t Cheatin’


Hawaiian pizza

hawaiian pizza

Pineapple pizza is the way to be.


You have probably figured this out by now… but, pints and pints of Salt and Straw ice cream

Salt and Straw ice cream

Ice cream galore – let’s throw in a red velvet milkshake while we are at it.


Homemade apple cobbler… with… you guessed it… another two pints of ice cream

Who said one should share a family size serving of apple cobbler?  Not The Rock Johnson, that is for sure.

If You Ain’t Eatin’ then You Ain’t Cheatin’

“Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself”, proclaims The Rock.  You heard him, go ahead and indulge in the sweetest and heartiest of foods.


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