How To Score Girl Scout Cookies Without Leaving Your House


By Cooking Panda

This may be what all sweet-tooth introverts everywhere have been waiting for – a way to get your hands on Girl Scout Cookies without hitting up your local troop at one of their many cookie-selling events in town. Due to concerns surrounding the current, novel coronavirus pandemic, Girl Scouts are putting an end to all in-person cookie sales at the moment, and instead deploying their scouts to deliver cookies right to your door for the time being. This is a program they’re calling “Scouts Cookie Care”. They know Girl Scout Cookies are exactly what we all need right now, and they are delivering happiness all over the country. 

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First and foremost, you need to know the basics. Girl Scout cookies are typically sold from January to April. They build up the hype and anticipation all year long and really bring in the (cookie) dough during this annual fundraiser. Since you can’t get these cookies in person, you can now order them online using the Scouts Cookie Care website. They have Thin Mints, Tagalongs, and all the rest of your classic favorites! You can even donate boxes of cookies to first responders, and local organizations and volunteers doing good in your community, which really makes the cookies extra sweet!

Pro Tip: When this is all over and you need to know where to find your next Girl Scout Cookie fix, download the Girl Scout Cookie Finder app. It’ll show you where your local scouts are setting up with their boxes of joy. You’re welcome. 

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