How to Minimize Disaster Before Your Football Party


By Alison Wickmann

As fun as it is to host, most of us have experienced the wrath once everyone departs for the evening.  You scan the room and see the clusters of garbage and overall regret looming the space.  Be prepared for your next shindig by setting yourself (and your friends) up for success.

As you are prepping away in the kitchen, make sure to clean as you go.  The pile of plates and kitchen utensils adds up quickly.  Merge your cooking with your cleaning – you’ll thank yourself later. Also, spray all of your pots and pans with non-stick spray.  There is nothing worse than crusted on food that will leave you soaking the pots and pans.

Before the party arrives, spray the room with a light air freshener or burn a light fragrant candle.  This will clear the space of any lingering smells and set up a fresh atmosphere.

Coasters are essential for preserving your countertops and tables.  Have these set out and easily accessible before the guests arrive – it will give them the subtle hint to utilize them.  Amazon has a festive football variety you can choose from, you can even find a pack of 24 for under 10 dollars.

Football Plates and Cups

As much as you may feel compelled to bust out decorative glassware, that is not necessary.  If your friends are truly friends, they won’t judge your disposable array of cups, plates, napkins and plasticware.  Disposable is always the best bet for large get togethers.  It saves the hassle of you doing dishes and makes clean up smooth sailing from the get-go.  For cups, you can either snag the infamous red solo cup or purchase football themed disposable cups for the occasion.  You can also find unique napkins, plates and plasticware online (without it breaking the bank).

Lastly, garbage cans galore.  Initially it may not look aesthetically pleasing, but boy are they helpful.  You will value the convenience over the appearance.  Place a garbage can in the main gathering areas (kitchen, dining room, living room) so everyone can dunk their garbage easily.



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