Hostess Rolls Out New Spring Treats


By Cooking Panda

Spring is officially upon us! Even if the weather hasn’t been exactly what we thought it would be…

Still, there are plenty of “Spring” foods that we are ready to hop right on, whether they are Easter Eggs, radishes, or delicious junk food like Strawberry Twinkies!

That’s right, Hostess has once again rolled out some new Spring products and they are AWESOME! The line up includes:

  • Twinkies that are stuffed with a bright pink strawberry cream filling
  • Spring Cupcakes which are your classic Hostess Vanilla Cupcake with an icing top that’s been dyed a beautiful lilac
  • Carrot Cake Donettes, which are basically little carrot cake donuts that are spicy and sweet!

According to PopSugar, these will be available in stores nationwide for around $3 and they’ve already been spotted at places like Target and Walmart.

Image Source: Hostess/IG

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