Hostess Rolls out Cake Flavored Iced Lattes


By Cooking Panda

Looking to shake up your morning coffee routine? Hostess is here to help! The infamous snack cake giant is rolling out ice lattes flavored by Ding Dongs, Honey Buns, Twinkeis, and Sno Balls. Hopefully that will make your mornings something to look forward too!

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Each latte comes bottled in a ready-to-drink bottle, so all you do is shake and enjoy! To add, every flavor coming out will replicate the actual cake they are named after. Meaning the Twinkie will have a golden sponge flavor, the Ding Dong will have a chocolate base with hints of vanilla, the Honey Bun will have sweet honey flavoring, and the Sno Ball will have a coconut and chocolate cake.

The drinks are said to be officially launching in April, so you still have some time to decide which flavor you’ll be trying first. Obviously, we’d just suggest you get one of each.

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