Hostess’ Orange Cream CupCake Dessert Kit Is Perfect For When You’re Stuck Indoors


By Cooking Panda

With this whole covid scare and so many people on quarantine there’s not a whole lot to do anymore. Parks are closed, the malls and clothing stores are closed, movie theatres are closed, and worst of all schools are closed. Suddenly you have your children at home and not enough to do… they can’t even leave the house to do anything. I know parents are probably going insane… if memes and Tiktoks are anything to go by anyway.

Luckily Hostess has come to the rescue with this new dessert kit. It’s fun and easy to put together, easier than making cookies from scratch, and more fun than buying them premade.  

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This kit is a perfect project for bored children stuck at home (or even us adults). You can treat this as an educational experience, sort of a home ec class sort of situation. I know a lot of kids miss out on stuff like this because home ec is no longer taught at school. : Hostess Orange Cupcake Pudding Dessert Kit 7.47 oz ...

There are three different mixes that come together to make these beautiful cupcakes. Those three things are: orange cupcake flavored pudding, cream filling, and orange drizzle. With three different mixes it’s perfect for families with a few kids. Just set them each on a different mix and you’ll be done in no time. Or if you are making this alone it doesn’t take much time. Since there’s not much to do right now you may even be a bit sad at how fast it goes together.

Putting them together is simple as well. All you do is layer the orange pudding and the cream in small cups or bowls, and the top with some more cream and the orange drizzle. Since this is a kit you make yourself you can also add a personal touch and use these mixes to make orange cream popsicles, or if you like orange chocolate you could get yourself some chocolate pudding or maybe add a bit of chocolate syrup. Use your imagination, there are so many possibilities.

I don’t know about you but I love little kits that I can make myself. I went to Epcot not too long ago, which is a beautiful place by the way, I can’t wait for Disney to open back up. Anyway, in one of the Japanese stores they had little candies you can sorta make yourself. They were simple little things, like mixing sugar and water mainly, but it’s just so much fun and more enjoyable when you make something yourself. I know whoever you are, whether you have children or not, you’ll love this kit. 

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. After weeks of sitting around the house and ordering food, it may be a nice change to make something delicious yourself. Beings stuck indoors and not socializing can cause some people to become depressed. After all humans are social creatures, being stuck inside is just not natural. Being creative is a great way to help depression. I know from personal experience. So go to Amazon and order yours now and start getting creative. I suspect this to be a popular item so I suggest you get yours right away.

Image source: Hostess

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