Hershey’s New Kisses Could Be Your Cookie Swap Replacement This Holiday Season


By Cooking Panda

If apple pie and pumpkin spice aren’t your thing and you find yourself already looking forward to the winter holidays, there is a spot of good news for you. Amidst all of the announcements for fall-flavored everything, Hershey’s has announced their new Kisses collection for the holidays a few months early. 

Hershey’s red-and-white striped Candy Cane Kisses are already a holiday favorite, but this year they’ll be competing with the brand new Sugar Cookie Kisses. The new Kisses are made of white creme flavored to taste like a sugar cookie, and even has sugar cookie pieces right within each candy. The festive wrapping and delicious flavor sounds like the perfect addition to the candy bowl come the holidays. 

In addition to the new Sugar Cookie Kisses, Hershey’s is releasing a bunch of fun holiday twists on other classic candies. Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Creme bars will come in a build-your-own snowman form, with a different snowman part on each piece – definitely a warmer alternative to building a snowman in your backyard.

And, hilariously, there will be a Reese’s White Elephant – a giant Reese’s cup shaped like an elephant and covered in white creme. There’s no word yet about when the holiday products will be available, but rest assured that you’ll be able to grab a bag of Sugar Cookie Kisses if you forget to bake cookies for your cookie swap, or a White Elephant for everyone’s favorite gift grab. 

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