Halloween Cancelled? Halloween Candy Sales Are Skyrocketing in 2020


By Cooking Panda

Halloween is just around the corner – and no, it is not cancelled. Data from the National Confectioners Association show that Halloween candy and chocolate sales are up this year! Interesting enough – sales are up 13% for the latest four weeks ending September 6 versus the same period in 2019. And looks like Halloween chocolate is doing even better at a 25.3% increase.

Where is all this candy being bought?! Well, grocery stores are key drivers for the overall growth of Halloween candy and chocolate sales. Apparently in just the grocery channel alone, Halloween chocolate and candy sales are up 17.1%. So yes, Halloween is happening people! It may look a little different than what we’re used to – okay, fine a lot different! But people are still getting in the Halloween spirit and you bet costumes are still in full force.

  • 80% of people believe that they will find creative and safe ways to celebrate the Halloween season this year. This is up from just 63% two months earlier in July. (NCA, Morning Consult)
  • 74% of millennial moms and young parents say that Halloween 2020 is more important than ever. (The Harris Poll)
  • 80% of the general public and 90% of millennial moms and young parents say they can’t imagine Halloween without chocolate and candy, and that trick-or-treating is irreplaceable. (The Harris Poll)
  • This reflects an independent survey from Insight to Action that found 70% of moms plan to celebrate the Halloween season with their children this year.

What will you be doing this Halloween? Indulging in big bowls of candy or chocolate with your family and friends? Dressing up in your best costume and sharing it on the gram? Or maybe even trick-or-treating with your mask? Let us know!

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