Grilled S’mores Pizza


By Cooking Panda

The weather is warming up which means it’s almost barbeque season. What better way to bring people together than with an outdoor picnic accompanied by an array of grilled food? From barbeque chicken to vegetable skewers and potatoes, we’re adding a non-traditional barbeque item to the stage to soothe the sweet tooth – Grilled S’mores Pizza

Grilled S'mores Pizza

Who says you need a big campfire to enjoy s’mores? This classic snack is traditionally enjoyed sandwiched between graham crackers but for this recipe, we’re deconstructing the s’more and throwing it all onto a crispy charred pizza crust, making it easier to share at special summer occasions.

This simple dessert can be made in under 15 minutes, yielding a crispy doughy crust topped with bursts of oozing chocolate and marshmallow…what’s not to love!?

Grilled S'mores Pizza




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