Greek-Styled Nachos


By Jenny Pham

Greek food tends to be fresh and light as the country is situated near the coast with tons of mediterranean food options. Inspired by fresh vegetables, meats, and grains, we decided to whip up a loaded plate of Greek Nachos to steer away from the typically heavy nacho ingredients.

Using garlic whole wheat pita chips, we built a thick crunchy layer that doesn’t get as soggy as tortilla chips. Instead of high-fat gobs of cheese, we’ve substituted in feta cheese that is low fat and offers tons of protein. To top it off, we’ve added in an array of vegetables like tomatoes, onions, olives, and hot peppers. Who knew nachos could be so healthy?!

Greek style Nachos

The sad part is that guacamole does not partake in this recipe, but we’ve found a dip that could be equally as satisfying – tirokafteri. This dip is known as a spicy cheese dip and is made of feta, yogurt, and peppers. Talk about a power combo, we almost forgot about the absence of our beloved guacamole (almost).

These guilt-free nachos may seriously be part of our daily snack routine from now on because they’re THAT good!



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