Great News For Chocolate AND Oreo Lovers!


By Cooking Panda

We’re definitely in for a lavish chocolate-y treat with the new Oreo chocolate cookies stuffed with Chocolate Hazelnut creme. If you’re feeling a little déjà vu right now, that’s because of the limited-edition variety that was released in 2018. This, however, has Chocolate Hazelnut creme sandwiched between two golden Oreos.

Apparently, the Oreo Java Chip cookies announced earlier aren’t the only goodies to be expected soon. The Oreo team has assured that both cookies – Chocolate hazelnut and Java chip variety will be available in stores by January 2021. Now, this might seem like it would take forever, but it’s definitely one that’ll be worth the wait. Moreover, they will be around for a long time as they’re joining Oreo’s line of permanent flavors.

Let the countdown begin!

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