Get a Week’s Worth of Cereal Every Day this Week! Thanks to Kellogg’s


By Cooking Panda

Not just for mornings or evenings, cereal has the potential to be an appropriate meal for any time of the day. Kellogg’s is planning to make the most of this potential by starting the National Breakfast Week. And what are they doing for this kickoff? Well, if you could believe it they are giving away cereal to lucky winners and that too a week’s worth of cereal.  Now that’s a giveaway for which you wouldn’t mind receiving a notification, would you?

At the core of this giveaway it is an effort to emphasize how important is it to have enough fiber in one’s diet. Sarah Ludmer, Senior Director of Wellbeing and Regulatory at Kellogg, even vociferated this point in a press release saying that many people don’t focus on getting the required amount of fiber. She said, “Fiber is crucial to support digestive health and overall wellness, yet the vast majority of people aren’t getting enough,” she said. “Here at Kellogg’s we believe in the power of fiber and that people should get it through delicious, real foods, so we wanted to understand why Americans often miss out on this important nutrient.”

A nationwide survey conducted by Kellogg’s revealed that people are rapidly choosing breakfast options that don’t have enough fiber in them. As a result, people aren’t getting the necessary amount of fiber. Ready to take this challenge head-on, Kellogg’ is going to give away cereal, either Frosted Mini Wheats or Raisin Bran, that would fit in perfectly in your morning routine by compensating for the lack of fiber content in your breakfast. To give you the exact data, with these cereals you will get 20% of the recommended daily amount of fiber per serving.

To win a week’s worth of free Frosted Mini Wheats or Raisin Bran all you need to do is join and then make a pledge to increase your fiber intake. Each day of the week, between March 2 to March 6, of the customers who take the pledge, a limited number of people will win free cereal. And let’s face it, by now you too are convinced that cereal is arguably the best food option at any time of the day, especially if it’s free and has high fiber in it.

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