General Mills Is Releasing Elf Cereal For The Holidays


By Cooking Panda

“Buddy the elf, what’s your favorite cereal!?”   We haven’t hit Halloween yet, let alone Thanksgiving, but General Mills is already on it and eager for the Christmas season! Remember the 2003 classic holiday movie, Elf? Us, too – it’s one of our favorite movies (especially this time of year). Well, Son of a Nutcracker, the beloved movie we all know so well is officially a cereal, and we have General Mills to thank for that! 

According to Buddy the Elf, there are 4 main food groups that exist: candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup. Since we all know how much Buddy loves his maple syrup, this festive cereal had to include maple-flavored corn puffs with green and red holiday tree marshmallows. I mean, how cute is that? Imagine eating a spoonful of this Elf cereal as you’re curled up on the couch watching Elf the movie – when that happens, you gotta take a picture for the ‘gram!

So we don’t have an exact date on when this limited-edition Elf cereal will be hitting the shelves, but we know that General Mills will definitely have it before the holidays at grocery retailers nationwide. It’ll come in a mid-size box at $2.50, as well as a family-size box at $3.99. All we know is breakfast is about to be a whole lot sweeter! 

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