Fun and Innovative NERDS Candy Debuts First of its Kind Treat: Nerds Gummy Clusters


By Cooking Panda

You know that NERDS makes the best candy and always brings new innovative delights for its fans and they do have something new. For candy lovers who have been expecting something new from NERDS, they have introduced something new to the market: NERDS Gummy Clusters. Gummy Clusters is a one of a kind treat with mini Rainbow NERDS and a fruity gummy center.


In every NERD Gummy Cluster bag you get to enjoy different textures, multiple shapes and flavor profiles that take NERDS fans on a sweet chewy adventure.

The Vice President of Marketing at Ferrara Candy Company, the mother company that produces NERDS Candy has said that the team of nerdy developers, product marketers and researchers are gunning to create bite size bags of candy goodies that combine the delicious goodness of crunchy, gummy and flavorful candy in every NERDS Gummy Cluster.

The Nerds Gummy Cluster is available in Rainbow flavor and will be hitting local stores in August, in five different sizes.

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