Fresh Orange Scones


By Jenny Pham

Scones are the perfect cross between a muffin and a biscuit – slightly crumbly, yet soft and buttery on the inside. If you like butter and carbs, then this recipe will hit the nail on the head. Scones are typically enjoyed as morning pastries and come in savory and sweet varieties. You can enjoy them with jam or infuse them with flavors such as chocolate and/or fruits. This Fresh Orange Scone recipe is packed with Vitamin C through the infusion of fresh orange components, no artificial flavoring or colors!

The key to making these croissants uber buttery is, you guessed it, the butter. It is essential to incorporate the butter as directed in the recipe or else the ideal fluffy and crumbly texture may not be achieved. Typically for scones, the butter needs to be cold or frozen when incorporated into the flour mixture, not room temp or melted. Using cold butter will help the scones rise more and allow it to develop a light and airy texture on the inside. Grating the butter into small flakes first will make it easier to mix it in with the flour.

Fresh Orange Scones

Our favorite part of this recipe is the fresh orange glaze. The scone itself is more-so on the savory side with semi-bitter bits of orange zest. Layering on the sweet orange glaze makes for a perfectly balanced and fragrant scone. The glaze should be drizzled on top once the scones are done baking and slightly cooled off. Topping the pastries with the glaze while they are piping hot may seem like a good idea, but it will seep into the pastry, making for a soggy, overly moist scone (not ideal)!

Fresh Orange Scones


Recipe: Fresh Orange Scones


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