Frank’s Redhot combines Buffalo and Ranch


By Cooking Panda

Think of a combo that you think is perfect in almost any situation. The buffalo-ranch combination entirely defines the word “perfect” like no other. Buffalo sauce gives you the fire, and when you need cooling, the ranch is going to be there for you. But what if you could get all that in just one bite! Now that’s a dream worth living for.

It turns out Frank’s RedHot knows this too! The brand just launched the all-new Buffalo ‘n Ranch sauce that will surely make your taste buds dance. The Instagram account @DadBodSnacks spotted the snacks in the wild, and it sure does look interesting

The post says:

“Looks like @franksredhot is making a push this year too! @lays chips, now some #new sauces and seasonings! I’m TOTALLY good with this. I found that one bottle of thick flavor at my local @angelocaputosfreshmarkets if you’re looking. But I imagine many walmarts and other stores should have these soon. What do you think of Franks Red Hot??”

As expected, the people who live in the comments sections of social media platforms were amazed by this post. One comment read, “They made this just for me,” while the other comment added to the frenzy ““The ranch looks amazing,” and the third comment tripped hard “Omg yummmmm!”

What does Frank’s RedHot website think about the product? “versatile”, freat for “dipping, topping, and cooking.” And “the ultimate blend of flavor and heat from Frank’s RedHot Sauce and the creaminess from ranch dressing.” You just imagined all that, didn’t you?

Although the “where to buy” link isn’t working on Frank’s RedHot website! But you can get these at Weis, or you can urge your local grocery manager to order a case or 10, depending on adventurous you feel.

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