Fix Date Night woes with Baskin-Robbins latest Valentine’s Day Menu


By Cooking Panda

We haven’t been the most active participant of Valentine’s Day festivities, but apparently, Baskin Robbins is here with a fix. Its latest announcement of new Valentine’s Day menu items struck us like Cupid’s love arrow. And well, we’ll admit the arrow worked because the menu bewitched us like love at first sight.

Skeptical? Well, read on! Imagine being on a date with ice cream, tempting, right? Baskin Robbins is going to make that possible with its first offering, February’s flavor of the month, rightly named: Date Night. If the Caramel and chocolate ice creams creating an A-OK combo of sweet and rich flavors, don’t tweak your imagination, the mini-milk chocolate caramel cups and caramel ribbon eddied within surely will.

Or how about a romantic date at Baskin-Robbins? Great idea! But let us warn you won’t want to share the Date-Night Sundae containing the three big scoops of Date Night ice cream peppered with caramel pralines, chopped almonds, hot fudge, and let’s not forget the whipped cream with a cherry on top.

However, Valentine’s Day Card Cakes are the most eye-catching addition. Definitely an Ingenious product but, more importantly, a new taste! Curious? Mainly, they are greeting cards in an ice cream cake form.  You now get to combine your favorite card design with a flavor from the classic dipping aisle along with a greeting. The addresses include: “Do me a flavor? Be my Valentine,” “You’re the sprinkles on my ice cream,” and “Darling, you take the cake.”

You can also order Valentine’s Day Unicorn Cakes or Heart Cone Cake from participating locations. They sure did get all the names right, but what about the taste? A sugar cone horn with heart-shaped sprinkles, chocolate ears and delicious pink frosting constitute the Unicorn Cakes. Whereas, the Heart Cone Cake has two cones on a heart-shaped dessert.

But wait, there’s more! Popular demand has brought back the legendary Love Potion No.31 at participating locations. Remember that magical combination of raspberry white chocolate, raspberry ice creams rocks chocolate chips, raspberry-filled chocolate-flavored hearts with raspberry swirled within.

Too many exciting options, can’t decide? We’ve got your back. Save $3 while buying cakes worth $15 or more by applying the promo code “BEMINE“, whenever you order online or via the app. If that is not love, I don’t know what is.

Image source: Baskin-Robbins

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