Fireball’s New Cinnamon-Flavored Egg Nog is Perfect for the Holiday Season


By Cooking Panda

Who’s ready for a little Fireball fun this holiday season? This one goes out to all age groups. Yes, Fireball is launching a Cinnamon Flavored Holiday Nog that’s *surprise surprise* not whiskey! I repeat, without the booze – but this brand new release definitely still has our attention. I mean, Eggnog has been a Christmas holiday tradition for centuries.

We may have enjoyed our cinnamon whiskey on the rocks or perhaps in a cocktail or even a shot. But with Fireball’s new nonalcoholic Holiday Nog, the whole family is able to indulge in the fun. And for those of you who want something a little extra, you can always add a shot of actual Fireball for a little buzz. 

Guess what? We don’t need to wait for the holidays to try! Fireball’s Holiday Nog will be sold exclusively in Walmart stores beginning at the end of September, and each quart carton is only a reasonable $2.98 – so you can stock up for your family get-together holiday parties. 

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