Find Out Each State’s Favorite Halloween Candies


By Cooking Panda

Halloween is quickly approaching, and job hunting site Zippa had a burning question as we reach peak spooky season: what are the most popular candies nationwide for trick-or-treating? 

Using Google Trends (an imperfect science, we know, but we can still learn a little from the results) they broke down the shopping trends in each state across North America to get a feel for what our favorites really are. 

 Halloween Candies
Starbursts came out on top as the fan favorite in six states, with Twizzlers, Blow pops, and Crunch bars coming in hot too. Some of them are a little surprising and weird (Circus Peanuts, New Hampshire? Really?) but we can definitely appreciate that Zippa thoughtfully left gum, raisins, and “other things people try and pass off as candy to unfortunate trick-or-treaters” out of the equation. Kids deserve better, people.

We also took a peek at a similar endeavor from Signal Analytics, which ranked some chocolate favorites like Reese’s and Hershey bars a little higher on the list – what we can probably take away from this is that it’s probably complicated to figure out what the top Halloween treats really are, but I think we should go ahead and set the standard now that raisins don’t count. Ever.

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