Famous NYC Bakery is Now Selling Apple Crumb Cheesecake in Costco


By Cooking Panda

Say what? A good ol’ New York Cheesecake from Junior’s, a famous New York City bakery, alone is to die for. But you’re telling us it’s an Apple Crumb Cheesecake that we don’t need to actually go to New York to try? Yes, please! Thank you Costco. 


If you know Costco, you know that they are anything but stingy. Their baked goods do not disappoint nor do they come in small packages. That’s right – at Costco, bigger is better. Their new three-pound Apple Crumb Cheesecake came at just the right time, as we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. 

Not to fret, all you pumpkin lovers out there – Costco’s wholesale club definitely has massive pumpkin pies and plenty of other goodies too. And if you’re not feeling up to physically going into Costco, Amazon sells Junior’s Apple Crumb Cheesecake too – because Amazon has everything. Enjoy!

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