Facial Expressions During Your Restaurant Experience


By Alison Wickmann

Rollin’ Up to the Restaurant

You’re here to conquer.

Rollin Up

Finally Grabbing a Seat

The momentary bliss that marks the beginning of your dining experience.

Grabbing Seat


When the Server Drops Off Water

It’s like the years of dehydration kicks in full force.

Drop Water


Seeing the Menu for the First Time

All the options brings out the crazy eyes in you.

Seeing Menu First Time


Hearing the Chef’s Special

Just when you think you know what you want, a curveball is thrown your way.

Chef Special


When the Server is Walking Over to Take Your Order

Adreneline is pumpin’ hardcore.


Server Walk Over

Waiting for Your Food

It’s been 84 years….

Waiting For Food


When You See Your Food Approaching

The World stands still.

Foods Coming


Just Kidding, It Wasn’t Your Food


Just Kidding


Okay, Now They Drop Off Your Food

You have never felt deeper love and gratitude for your server.

Drop Off Your Food


When the Server Picks Up Your Demolished Plate

A slight wave of embarrassment swoops over you (considering you finished your plate in 3 minutes).

Demolished Plate


When You See Your Check

So worth it, but not really.

When You See Your Check


When Your Friend Asks What You’re Going to Tip

Your heart is a 20% tipper, your bank account says otherwise.



Dippin’ Out of the Joint

Time to sleep off the food coma.


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