Entenmann’s Chocolate-Covered Cookie Dough Bites Are Coming Soon


By Cooking Panda

Get excited, people! A lot of brands have introduced edible cookie dough and cookie dough bites this year, but it doesn’t hurt to have another amazing company do that too. Hot off the press is Entenmann’s new premium Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites.

Entenmann’s Chocolate Covered Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites are expected to ship on September 10th – so they should be hitting the shelves of stores soon after! These cute little bites come in 3 oz bags that retail at $2.99 and are perfect for a mid-day or late night snack.

Entenmann is doubling down! We were told that their new cookie dough bites aren’t the only thing to look forward to – they are also releasing a Chocolate Covered Brownie Center variety. Yes, please – we’ll take that too.  

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