Dunkin’ Is Releasing Coffee Syrups That Are Shelf Stable!


By Cooking Panda

Whoops! Its back and better. 

Dunkin’ Swirl syrups will be launching in grocery stores (all over the country) with four new flavors that are sure to become an instant favorite; Caramel, Mocha, Vanilla, and Hazelnut. 

Dunkin’ Swirl Caramel Syrup 

Are you the type that loves to have that extra gorgeous syrup drizzling over your cake? Or you prefer to pour some syrup over your pancakes and French toast? It might just be that you are the type to get brazen and even add some syrup to your cocktail recipe. Well, Dunkin’ Swirl Caramel flavor is the perfect flavor for you.  

Dunkin’ Swirl Mocha Syrup 

Add the Mocha flavor of Dunkin’ Swirl syrup to add a touch of elegance and class to your food choices like pound cakes and sundaes. The taste of chocolate seamlessly blended with coffee is just what you need to get you feeling fly during brunch or cap off with your dessert. 

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Dunkin’ Swirl Vanilla Syrup 

 The sweet sensation of vanilla is brought to life using the unique Dunkin’ Swirl method. The result is a beverage that will be the perfect addition to your drinks and desserts. You can even add this Vanilla flavor to smoothies and whipped cream just because you can. 

Dunkin’ Swirl Hazelnut Syrup 

 Hazelnut is one of the most interesting syrup flavors – the combination of caramelized hazelnut, chocolate, and coffee adds a rich and unique taste to your shakes and cocktails. 

Pick a syrup flavor to buy; I know you already got eyes on your favorite. Get ready to hit the Stores! 

Image source: CandyHunting

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