Dunkaroos are Returning and Bringing Back the Happy Days!


By Cooking Panda

All the effort put in making posts under #bringbackthe90s on Twitter and Instagram has finally paid off. The 90s kids will get to relive the best parts of their childhood when they hear of the unexpected return of Dunkaroos in the summer of 2020. 

That’s right! Just like you, numerous others welcomed a post on a newly created account by Betty Crocker’s Kangaroo themed childhood snack containing just an emoji with unreal excitement.

We all remember how Dunkaroos distribution met a grinding halt in 2012 in the United States. However, once the distribution stopped in Canada too in the year of 2018, it was forever uncertain if we’ll ever get another chance to dip those tasty cookies into that delicious tub of frosting. 

Since the discontinuation, the cult favorite saw numerous loyal fans wishing for its return and some even trying their hands at homemade recreations.

Dunkaroos will return to the snack aisle in its original form with vanilla frosting and sprinkles flavor.

Image Source: Dunkaroos

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