DunkAbroos is the beer ’90s kids have been waiting for


By Cooking Panda

If you were a kid in the ‘90s, finding a pack of Dunkaroos in the pantry was like finding hidden treasure. The beloved snack, consisting of cookies designed to be dunked in a well of frosting, were the best surprise treat while growing up.

Dunkaroos disappeared for a while but are back now, much to the delight of all the ‘90s kids that are all grown up now. And, even better, all those grown-up ‘90s kids can now enjoy their Dunkaroos with a side of Dunkaroos-flavored beer.

DunkAbroos, a wonderfully punny beer brewed by the Martin House Brewing Company, combines all the flavors from everyone’s favorite childhood snack into one delicious beer. The ale is brewed with cookies, vanilla creme, and even includes sprinkles, a combination sure to bring back waves of nostalgia with each sip – the brewery even dubbed the new beer “nostalgia in a can.” 

Unfortunately, the DunkAbroos was so popular that the brewery has already sold out. Fortunately, they are promising to brew a much larger batch next time, although no word yet on when that will be. Given the popularity of the initial release, hopefully it’s soon, so that by the next time you get a hankering for Dunkaroos you can also grab a pack of DunkAbroos on your way out of the store.

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