Doritos Mashes Up Two Favorite Flavors


By Cooking Panda

There is no shortage of delicious Doritos flavors. With flavors like Nacho Cheese, Cool Ranch, Spicy Sweet Chili, Salsa Verde, and Poppin’ Jalapeno, there is truly something for every single Dorito fan. Doritos is always ahead of the game when it comes to new and original flavors for their already deliciously crunchy snack! Their newest release is truly mind blowing, though. They have come out with a combination bag they are calling Doritos Collisions, and the flavors are Hot Wings and Blue-Cheese! Doritos has taken one of our favorite game-day or family gathering finger foods and packed all that flavor into a bag of chips. This is genius. Think of the flavor possibilities! If you grab a hot wing chip and it’s just a little too spicy, no worries, you can just go for a blue cheese one to balance the heat and enhance the flavor so you can keep munching away.

Right now these are only available for purchase in Canada, so don’t run out and look for these just yet. Even in Canada, Costco is the only grocery store currently carrying the new product, so we may have to wait a bit for these to be more widely distributed. Some older Doritos fans have pointed out that this isn’t a new product but these are just being revived after being discontinued for quite some time – we’re talking more than a decade. Folks are ecstatic that these are really back! If these really take off then we can only expect there will be more flavor collisions coming our way and we’re already practically drooling about it. 

Image source: Junk Food Canada

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