Doritos Is Debuting a New Twisted Lime Flavor That Sounds Amazing


By Cooking Panda

Good news for those of us who hesitate when we see “Flamin’ Hot” on anything – Doritos has released a new Twisted Lime flavor, that have all the citrus but none of the heat of their Flamin’ Hot Limon flavor. 

Doritos hasn’t made any official announcements about the new flavor, but you can find it on grocery store shelves now. It looks like the new chips combine the classic Nacho Cheese flavor with the citrusy tang of lime, for what’s sure to be a delicious combination. 

The new Twisted Lime Doritos join the all-star lineup of Doritos flavors, which includes old favorites like Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch in addition to newer flavors like Sweet Spicy Chile. The brand definitely seems to be moving toward more citrus-based flavors, with the Twisted Lime Doritos joining ranks with the Flamin’ Hot Limon chips and the Chile Limon rolled chips. If you can’t wait to try the Twisted Lime Doritos, definitely check out some of the other citrusy flavors available now, if you’re brave enough to test your heat tolerance with the Flamin’ Hot flavor. 

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