Dippin’ Dots New Birthday Cake Cookie Bites Are Both Crunchy And Creamy


By Cooking Panda

Looking for something to satisfy that sweet tooth? Look no further! Dippin’ Dots has just released their Bite Size Birthday Cake Cookie Crunch, which is essentially the magic-ness of combining cookies and birthday cake flavor and presenting them in a cute, bite-sized form.

As a Dippin’ Dots lover, their iconic tiny ice cream balls are their signature item, but I’m so glad they’ve introduced these bite-sized cookie bites. These new cookie bites come in 3 oz bags for $2.79. They are also available in a Cookies and Cream flavor and can be shopped on Sweets & Snacks Expo’s website.

PS. If you’re looking for more Birthday Cake flavored goodies, Dippin’ Dots also has their Birthday Cake Bite Size Cookie Dough (which is covered in white fudge). Thanks Dippin’ Dots for giving us so many snack options! 

Get your order in today and enjoy Dippin’ Dots’ bite-sized wonder that has a crunchy cookie center that’s covered in a creamy birthday cake coating. 

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