Deep Dish Pizza Cups


By Jenny Pham

If you’ve been to Chicago, chances are you’ve tried their famous deep dish pizza. With loads of competing restaurants claiming to have the best deep dish pizza, it could get overwhelming. Does Giordano’s or Lou Malnati’s deep dish yield a better cheese pull? Which one has a thicker slice and which has a better cheese blend? Deep dish can be made in so many varieties but one thing that is most often difficult about these pies is that you can rarely order it by the slice. It’s usually an all or nothing kind of order – you either get a whole pie or just forgo tasting any of it at all. This Deep Dish Pizza Cups recipe skips all the hassle of choosing which pizzeria to go to and allows you to enjoy the flavors all by yourself without shelling out $30+ on a whole pie.

Deep Dish Pizza Cups

If you’re familiar with bagel bites and Tostino’s pizza rolls, you’ll love these deep dish pizza cups. By baking them in a cupcake tin, you’re creating a deep pocket for lots of cheese and filling to inhibit, hence the “deep dish” part of the recipe. Made with just a few simple ingredients, these easy, snackable pizza bites are perfect for a potluck, snack, or meal anytime, anywhere!



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