Dangerously Hot New Beans by Jelly Belly


By Cooking Panda

Jelly Beans? Threatening? Impossible, right? The Jelly Belly Candy Company wants to add some fear factor to your favorite candy.

If you were hoping to inject spice in your sugar, then you can prepare yourself for a dangerous line up-of chili pepper-infused Jelly Beans. Mild to volcanic, you can get it all. Although Beans and milk aren’t really the traditional combo, but seem like this is going to get the love.

Dangerously hot New beans by Jelly Belly

Nicknamed the Bean Boozled: Fiery Five Challenge, this collection truly stands out from the other family members of the Jelly Belly family. The flavoring in the beans in each pack is, owed to sriracha, cayenne, jalapeno, habanero, and Carolina Reaper – and if you can believe they are so lethally hot that there is a warning label on the box.

Rob Swaigen, Vice President of Global Marketing for Jelly Belly, while publicizing the launch noted In a press release:

“Fans know that BeanBoozled is a game of risk, but Fiery Five is a whole new take on the game. Fiery Five is the next evolution of the BeanBoozled brand as it continues to push the boundaries of flavor and bravery. We want everyone to have a good time with BeanBoozled Fiery Five, but we recognize that some people may need to tap out as they move through the menu.”

The Fiery Five is more than being just a novelty, and one could see that Jelly Belly is serious about it. Within each in the challenge, there is a soft center that is, made from actual chili purée. If this doesn’t make the heat real, nothing does.

The R&D manager for Jelly Belly Candy Company, Luz Osbun, said:

“The element of heat added a unique challenge for our flavor team to solve. We had to consider not only how to balance the vegetative notes in the flavor with the heat, but also how that heat presents itself and builds over time. Jalapeño has a sharp build and a quick fade, while Carolina Reaper builds quickly and stays hot for a while after. Our jelly bean versions for Fiery Five had to act like the real thing.”\

While it may not soothe you like a traditional bowl of candy but occasionally an element of danger becomes a necessity.

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