Dairy Queen’s Cotton Candy-Dipped Cone Is Officially on the Menu


By Cooking Panda

Is it just us or is this cotton candy craze going nuts?!

Dairy Queen has officially launched a Cotton Candy Dipped Cone. Currently it’s rolling out nationally slow, but DQ has said it will be available at every location by March 19th.




The bright blue frozen treat consists of the classic Dairy Queen vanilla soft-serve that is dipped in sweet cotton candy coating.

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It hardens to create a dome that encases the ice cream. According to menu, you can order the cone in small, medium, or large.

It’s not labeled as a limited time item, so here’s to hoping it’s here to stay! The good news is we can officially say it’s going to happen and is on the menu!

Image Sources: Dairy Queem, @bmdairyqueen, and @big_mama22

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