Dairy Queen Launches Two New Treats – A Tiramisu Shake And Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Sundae


By Cooking Panda

What’s not to love about Dairy Queen?  Blizzards, ice cream cones, sundaes and more offer a large variety of choices to satisfy the entire family.

But wait!  There’s more?!

In case you haven’t heard yet, a new combination has just arrived for all of your taste bud tantalizing pleasures!  Introducing the Tiramisu Shake dairy queen! Yes, Dairy Queen Tiramisu Shake little treat combines coffee concentrate with a shake base and vanilla cake pieces, all topped with more cake pieces and cocoa powder.  You can change it up by asking for your shake base to be chocolate or strawberry too!

While we’re oohing and ahhing over this little piece of Italy in our cups, the ice cream chain has also launched their new Dipped Strawberry Cake Cupfection.  It’s almost like chocolate covered strawberries in a cup with ice cream! The fresh taste of strawberries feels like a welcomed guest to a warmer season. Additionally, the dessert has pieces of moist cake to make this pretty little dessert complete. 

The initial introductions to both of these tasty treats came to us in 2019.  The newest added flavors do not disappoint!  

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Because of the current Coronavirus situation our country is facing, Dairy Queen informed its followers on Instagram that there may be temporary closings at some of their locations.  As with the majority of other restaurants, Dairy Queen is still offering drive-thru, takeout and delivery at many of their locations. The chain would like to continue serving the public while practicing food  safety. Calling before heading to your local restaurant will let you know if the store is currently open.

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