Costco Will Not Accept Returns For Hoarded Supplies


By Cooking Panda

To everyone who went on a shopping spree at Costco, it looks like you’ll be well supplied for the next couple months (or years) on water, toilet paper, rice, Lysol, and almost all other dooms day supplies.

Signs are starting to circulate online and at stores, displaying that returns will not be honored for toilet paper, paper towels, sanitizing wipes, water, rice, and lysol. Bending their return any time policy.

According to Costco Buys, it has been confirmed nationwide, but we are yet to receive word from Costco HQ.

Grocery stores nationwide have seen shortages and total madness, despite social distancing regulations and suggestions on how to stay healthy.

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Several stores, including Costco, have implemented shopping times for the elderly (usually 60+), disabled, pregnant, and with special needs. Additionally, stores are also implementing shopper limits, where only a limited amount of people are let in at a time, to maintain large gathering restrictions.

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These efforts to help with both employees and shoppers safety.

Image Source: Costco Buys

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